Wheels – The Most Viral Ad of 2017


Wheels – The Most Viral Ad of 2017, is an Emotional story of Canadian kindness and inclusiveness. Visit our website: http://Cleansheet.ca

Cleansheet Communications Creative Director, and Chief-Storytelling Officer, Neil McOstrich, explains in this video how he made a spot for Canadian Tire, that went viral and surpassed 201,440,524 documented views and 3,886,966 shares* within a year of first being posted, and six months since going viral w/o Feb. 14/17. Let us know how we can help with your viral marketing, social media marketing, digital marketing needs.


  1. Ruby Rayne
  2. Darren Watkins
  3. Jason Blundell
  4. alejandra andy
  5. MJ
  6. FC Autos