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It’s movie time, specifically movies from my late Uncle Derek’s VHS collection!* And Oliver kindly joined me, and even more kindly picked a couple of really bad ones to watch so I didn’t have to!

We look at The Roller Blade Seven, The Warrior (AKA Jaka Sembung), The Norseman and Beauty of the Barbarian (AKA Battle of the Amazons… kind of.) And… three of them are awful, but one is kind of great.

Months after filming this I found out that Beauty of the Barbarian was released in Hong Kong as “Karate Amazons”, which is one of the greatest and totally misleading titles ever.

*The more interesting ones. He had a lot of mainstream stuff and wrestling videos too.


  1. Matthew Jury
  2. Mortimer James
  3. no name
  4. Gelynn
  5. Jayson Raphael Murdock
  6. Jay Kay 561
  7. mrshellfire82
  8. Randy Watson
  9. Ian Livesey
  10. TomMannCenturia
  11. Sarreq Teryx
  12. Duncan Ward
  13. Mokujo
  14. Consural
  15. Across The Across
  16. Mike MacFarlane
  17. Merlin Athrawes
  18. Defiant Spurr
  19. Jakub Lulek
  20. TheAmishGamer
  21. Lasertooth Tiger
  22. 555 555
  23. Aviation 101
  24. Jim Keel
  25. nicemecha
  26. Steve Brandon
  27. Sagnik Nath
  28. Chris The Pack Rat
  29. RFC3514
  30. Kevin Lambert
  31. Anguawolf007
  32. Neonlux
  33. SC TV
  34. oz1701
  35. Chris McWilliams
  36. Alex Green