Weird Paddletail Lure Rigging Secrets (That Help You Catch More Fish)


When most people rig a paddletail on a jig head or weighted swimbait hook, they just rig it the same as everyone else…

But what if there’s a better way to rig them?

What if you rig them upside down?

Or what if you manipulate the lure to better resemble the baitfish your target species is going after?

Could that help you catch more fish?

In this video, you’ll learn a few unique ways to rig or change your paddletail to get more strikes.

These tips include:

– how to get a jig head to be more secure on a paddletail
– what to do if the baitfish your target species are feeding on are very small
– how to fix the lure if you’ve rigged it the wrong way (this will help it last longer)
– and much more

Have any questions about rigging paddletails?

Let me know in the comments below!

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