Top Shocking Viral Videos 2016 Worldwide

00:05 – Mom in China saves child before
falling through escalator
00:30 – Man possessed by a ghost
headbutts moving car
00:51 – Sand river in IRAQ
01:54 – Huge sinkhole forming in
Russia caught on tape
02:27 – Toddler playing on slender
window ledge of eighth floor
04:19 – Dramatic moment pavement opens up
and swallows four peple
05:17 – Volcano eruption in Japan
06:10 – Teenager narrowly avoids
death as car slams into concrete
06:17 – Mother drops toddler from balcony
into fathers arms
06:29 – Circus performer miraculously
survives after terrific fall
07:00 – Shark swims close to holiday
makers in New Zeeland
07:28 – Waterspout TORNADO sweepd
along Brazilian beach
07:57 – Driver thrown through bus
windshield as he’s hit by truck
08:08 – Worker drills into 11,000 volt cable
08:19 – Men hurtle into the air when
knocked by train
09:08 – Man catches a woman falling
11th floor with bare hands
09:52 – Japan TSUNAMI

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  1. Little Mason /Minecraft
  2. Christine Queen
  3. Tomothy Wirr
  4. Tomothy Wirr
  5. Emily Sanders
  6. Loca Bella
  7. Hector F