These are the most watched k-pop music videos of 2019 on Youtube.

Channel Rules:
– A dance version is only included when it has more views than the original MV.
– When a MV is uploaded on more than one official channel, the views are combined (example. 1theK).
– Japanese MVs are not included in kpop lists. Only in separate group videos.

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Intro music: V, Jin (BTS) – It’s Definitely You (Hwarang OST)
2nd Intro music: VAV – Thrilla Killa
Leaving the chart music: KEY – Cold (ft. HanHae)
Outro music: V (BTS) – Scenery

Amazing artwork in the endscreen by Renee.
Instagram: @thisizreneesworld

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Dancing Dann

  1. Dancing Dann
  2. kawaii lover
  3. Lujille De Leon
  4. sara tzuki
  5. Nina Skittle
  6. Nino Ugrexelidze
  7. ArmyBlink
  8. koreanpop bts lover
  9. James Official Blink / Army
  10. Cherry Yeong Willford
  11. dennyse gabriela
  12. baiser les princesses
  13. _do. r
  14. nadine_n28
  15. taekook.
  16. Maji Rekt
  17. f**k history:MODC writer*sobs*
  18. ΞžΞ•ΞΞ™Ξ‘ ΣΧΙΖΑ
  19. Thang Vu
  20. Thang Vu
  21. Lakshmi Narayanan
  22. Jhordan Sac
  23. My Beloved Taehyung
  24. My Beloved Taehyung
  25. Π’ΠΈΠΊΠ° НСТная
  26. Mochi Bah
  27. BEata STai
  28. CrazyRandom Drawings
  29. andhys salafy
  30. Yashika
  31. Yashika
  32. Kusagi Chan
  33. Rachel Varsolona
  34. Divine Grace Ubial
  35. dumb bitch3s
  36. Bening Nindita
  37. Bening Nindita
  38. Shiro Chan
  39. ah ain’t DKying
  40. Jeonginisbaby
  41. Jeonginisbaby
  42. Imran Babar
  43. maher yami
  44. kusum aththanayaka