TOP 5 FUNNIEST Talking Animal Videos [Human voice-over]


A Top 5 funny videos of funny animals talking with human voice overs. Talking dog videos, a talking raccoon, talking monkey and a talking cow. This hilarious animal videos will make you laugh – Try not to laugh challenge.

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Full videos:

1. Cat Gives A Dog Hypnotherapy – The Translation

2. Raccoon Steals Cat Food (voiceover)

3. Funny Talking Animals – Walk On The Wild Side – Episode Three Preview – BBC One

4. CRAZY COW !!!

5. Ultimate Dog Tease

Viral Maniacs

  1. Rihanna Manna
  2. Melissa The Gamer
  3. Melissa The Gamer
  4. Per Haaeman
  5. Blue Wolf
  6. Angyalka1111