Top 20 Most Viewed OPM Songs of All Time (December 2018)


Tabulated on December 22, 2018. This is based from their official lyric and music videos on their official artists or record labels on Youtube channel. All the unofficial lyric videos from the other channel will be excluded.

NOTE: We excluded Mundo by IV of Spades with 98 million views because it was uploaded by Wish 107.5, because we said a while ago, will focus on their official record labels and official artists Youtube channel.

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HP Music Charts

  1. HP Music Charts
  2. superknth07 super
  3. Jenny Ferry
  4. Ryan Julian
  5. genchoijon
  6. Mist Blitz
  7. mark carpio
  8. HP Music Charts
  9. Julius Lina
  10. Lordjames Ondangan
  11. Great Unknown
  12. Aram M.
  13. Joem Bolinas