Top 100 Viral Videos of the Year 2017 || JukinVideo (Part 2)


Welcome to Part 2 of JukinVideo’s Top 100 Viral Videos of 2017. We’re counting down the best videos of the year, so check back each week to see the next batch and let us know which ones were your favorite. This week, we’re counting down from 75 to 51 so stay tuned for fantastic fails, adorable awww moments, and everything in between.

Original Links:
Bear Attack Survival-
Elena, You Hit Me-
Best Doggo Life-
Selfie Surprise-
Robotic Hug-
Dryer Snake-
Fish Pets-
Mouse Trap-
Dad Win-
Nature’s Wild-
Shrieks on Shrieks-
All the Questions-
Ranch is Water-
Fool Me Once-
Needle Nonsense-
Homemade Coaster-
Clever Crossing-
Surprise Kitten-
Jacked Up Rabbits-
Sticky Magic-
Alligator Help-
Corny Explosion-
Kebab Win-
Snakes Play Ball Too-
Subtle Steal-

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  1. Yoga with Gloria
  2. Rich Almoguerra
  3. Uncle Cracker
  4. Mc_Hiby Gaming
  5. racer 83
  6. The Skelatorre
  7. Eddy
  8. crazy craft girl
  9. daniel pinggo
  10. Miche Jenkins
  11. Dragon mash13
  12. Danielle Bregoli
  13. Thal Akil
  14. Valentina Martínez
  15. 2CrazySisters! !
  17. TaeTae안나
  18. Artist Zhanna
  19. rss teju 334
  20. Kurt Bacani
  21. Potatogod Universe
  22. Reem - the imaginary girl
  23. My doggy Z
  24. Unreliable :D
  25. Valia Di
  26. Unnieboo
  27. Izarith Sofia
  28. Toxxic _
  29. Dacoco boy
  30. BossatronioGaming
  31. Kirboii
  32. DelaneyB Loyal
  33. basil al sadi
  34. The Potato Pig!
  35. Neone
  36. Dni ShotZ
  37. Brandon Ayala
  38. aam porag
  39. Wakar Ahmed
  40. R.N. M
  41. iClear