Top 100 Viral Videos of the Year 2015 || JukinVideo (Part 4)

This is it! The finale of the Top 100 Videos of the Year! We had incredible videos this year. From dudes climbing buildings to rats owning pizzas and everything in between, these are the Top 25 videos of 2015! Enjoy!
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Skyscraper Parkour:
Smooth Recovery:
Monkey See, Baby Do:
Whisper Challenge:
Speed Wobbles:
Brunch Interrupted:
Sub Zero:
Octo Camo:
Flicka Tha Wrist:
Sausage Song:
Moved By A Miracle:
Painful Pratfall:
Murderous Manatee:
Blue Angels Breeze:
Slingshot Scare:
Growing Pup:
Smoke’s No Joke:
Extreme Bro Bonding:
Tourist Trample:
Mom’s Got Pranks:
Pizza Rat:
Silverback Glass Crack:
Taekwondo Tyke:
Mass Confusion:

  1. Naz Mo
  2. 404
  3. Anime Nerd
  4. Anonymous Toast
  5. Jo B
  6. Momma Mercy
  7. Andrea Blanco
  8. Twenty Øne Mÿłêęš
  9. Betty
  10. Fien Buyse
  11. Cutebunny 32301
  12. Liga Grafik
  13. Little crow
  14. Jess W.
  15. Stelios Ktenios
  16. CreeperCrafter745
  17. Evan Hernandez
  18. Crystal Lurker_69904
  19. SIN CARA
  20. Ethan Ellyatt
  21. CommentCancer
  22. Nikolas Dirk
  23. AmusingTv.
  24. Lexis Tait
  25. Penguin Pablo
  26. Thegamingworld Lolol
  27. Fluffy Duck
  28. Patrick Moloney
  29. Elijah Slavin
  30. Camron Gaming
  31. Ruby dusk
  32. Mr. Rawr
  33. Scattered Dreams XIV
  34. Scattered Dreams XIV
  35. Darren Blackz
  36. dale
  37. Lamb Ghost
  38. Miri. 04
  39. Cryar
  40. MDaqua Vlogs
  41. aZa
  42. Phoenix Rising
  43. David Studer
  44. Rafał Stolarczyk
  45. Leopold Heldman
  46. The right cat 1098
  47. Elle Chim
  48. Maximum Frequency
  49. Light7775