Top 10 Scariest Art the Clown Moments


This psychotic killer is one very good reason to be afraid of clowns. For this list, we’re looking at scenes from “All Hallows’ Eve” and “Terrifier” featuring Art the Clown. Which Art the Clown scene do YOU think is the scariest? Let us know in the comments!
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  3. White Orchid
  4. Abe the Amazing
  5. AJ's World
  6. Ronnie Fox
  7. Cameron B
  8. Reto Gamed
  9. Glowing Glowstick
  10. The big jokes
  11. uzeir gamazsi
  12. Emily Roberts
  13. Xeis _ColdX
  14. The Jester
  15. SoaRxSKiES
  16. Lena Hyena
  17. The tiger !
  18. Emily Jeffr
  19. Manolo Russian
  20. Christian Morales
  21. Paullette Lopez
  22. Yella Dart
  23. R. Alejandro
  24. Austin Hughes
  25. horrorking1000