TOP 10: Most watched songs in August 2019 – Eurovision Song Contest


Every month we look back at the ten most watched songs on the official Eurovision Song Contest YouTube Channel. We combine the views of performance videos and preview videos to find out which songs you have been watching the most.

This month, two songs from the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest return to the top 10: Alexander Rybak and Hadise.

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Eurovision Song Contest

  1. WERCIA'Gamer
  2. hello, this’s teacher watching you
  3. lorofcb3
  4. tom plummy
  5. SimonSarka1
  7. Turkie républicain
  8. ItzHedge
  9. Marina Wernke
  10. Marina Wernke
  11. Nick Nick
  12. Mobina Hosseini
  13. Fortnite meneer
  14. Ruth
  15. Marco Zampaglione
  16. Niveen zoaby
  17. daniel sanchez
  18. B P21
  19. Pikachu
  20. Yarik McConny
  21. Eren Star
  22. idan mishayev
  23. Markstubation01
  24. Anya Top
  25. S. Pock
  26. MLIE내망
  27. Αναστάσιος Καλατζής
  28. Buddhi Dev
  29. ioanna ioanna
  30. Lala La