Top 10 Most Shocking Guests on Dr. Phil


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Dr. Phil has some real characters on his show, that’s for sure. For this list, we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 most shocking guests on “Dr. Phil!” We’ve included guests like Danielle Brigoli aka Bhad Bhabie, Tyler Perry’s “Wife”, Peyton’s racist father, Tanya Ramirez, Mackenzie and her family, Aneska, Burke Ramsey and more!

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  1. spidy one
  2. Lisa Aldera
  3. Apple Dash
  4. BladeMaster 122
  5. Drake
  6. Dominick Justave
  7. The Procrastination Artist
  8. Vicky Traversa
  9. Jack Keegan
  10. Elise Battles
  11. Ross Hurst
  12. Ross Hurst
  13. Ross Hurst
  14. Anthony Glenn
  15. Sven Jansen
  16. star boy
  17. Swagtastikal Fun
  18. MircoDHD
  19. B O S S M O P S.
  20. Damian Warrick
  21. Creepy Susie
  22. Maya Gray
  23. Semira
  24. joshua Stanaway
  25. Elaine Williams
  26. Elaine Williams
  27. Kara Middleton
  28. Wes Huddleston
  29. Hana Bi
  30. Aku From the future
  31. Maggie E
  32. Oven Mitt
  33. Nobody
  34. harryshafta
  35. AlienSoap Monkey
  36. Ricardo Etienne
  37. Adhley Severeyns
  38. BillyKoopaKid
  39. Julian Villafuerte