Top 10 Celeb Guests in Avatar & Legend of Korra


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Did you recognize these celebrity guest voices in Avatar and Legend of Korra? we’ll be going over the famous celebrities who provided voices in these two animated shows. J.K. Simmons isn’t the only big name to grace the world of Avatar. MsMojo ranks the best Avatar/Korra celebrity guest voices. Are there any guest voices we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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  2. ArkhamMike
  3. Fox Mcloud
  4. Logan Moore
  5. Xavier Costar
  6. Rachelle H.
  7. Mariano Colombo
  8. YEO's Film Canal
  9. Tomas Vreriks
  10. Jehm Titan
  11. james bond
  12. Sgt Schultz
  13. Ronald Verdegaal
  14. Brandon Fong
  15. Savita Bhabhi
  16. Bargil
  17. Jackie Mizrahi
  18. Mack Man
  19. ShadowReaper12 Inc.
  20. Ice.
  21. Sian Brock
  22. Franky Phan
  23. Dieter Hoffmann
  24. Holly M
  25. Patrick Kundegraber
  26. drunk-_- betch
  27. 15jewjew
  28. Jered Patterson
  29. 김포터
  30. stonemaddness
  31. Justin Eves