Top 10 Best Halsey Songs


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These are the Top 10 Halsey Songs! For this list, we’ll be looking at the most powerful, catchy, or fan favorite tracks that the electropop powerhouse has put out. We won’t be counting songs that she featured in, or covers of other tracks she’s done. We’ve included songs like “Now or Never”, “Is There Somewhere”, ”New Americana”. “Strangers”, “Castle”, “Roman Holiday”, “Ghost”, “Gasoline”, “Colors”, and “Control”.

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  1. Tae kook
  2. Abdi Kebede
  3. Anne - Gabriella Reyes
  4. Anne - Gabriella Reyes
  5. Anne - Gabriella Reyes
  6. Creepy Cat
  7. Prïñçë Çãmřý
  8. anushah faheem
  9. Strawberry Pie
  10. Sakshi Srivastava
  11. IceMaster972
  12. Sayed Atik Sayed
  13. Lily Brown
  14. Sam C
  15. Melissa Almada
  16. jm cres
  17. mohsen uddin
  18. Glory Stitt
  19. Vicstone GR1
  20. Mia lop
  21. Iqrah Nazir
  22. jule patrick
  23. Reese Sternhagen
  24. Dinna Na
  25. Ines Zerdani
  26. Christeen Paulson
  27. babara oladipo
  28. min jeon jung kim park
  29. Tercy Tasmania
  30. Sam’sbookieparadise !!
  31. Elle Bourne
  32. Karly Park
  33. Riah Reviews
  34. Riah Reviews
  35. Riah Reviews
  36. Drei Gamer
  37. Don Marin
  38. Don Marin
  39. Levy Uchiha
  40. Vikram saha