Top 10 Best Depictions of Real Life Royals in Movies

Top 10 Best Depictions of Real Life Royals in Movies

There’s nothing like taking a look into the lives of royal families. Even though these are only depictions of real life royals, it doesn’t make them any less entertaining and intriguing. In this countdown we take a look a the Top 10 Best Depictions or real life royals in movies. We’ve included Claire Foy’s performance as Queen Elizabeth II in “The Crown”, Kirsten Dunst as Marie Antoinette in “Marie Antoinette, Helen Mirren as Elizabeth II in “The Queen”, Laurence Oliver as King Henry V of England in “Cleopatra” and more!

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  1. Daniel Ely
  2. Hannah Stahl
  3. Jennifer Rivera
  4. Brandy Loutherback
  5. Brandy Loutherback
  6. Aishia Bello
  7. JulietRoseCapulet777
  8. vflores16
  9. Laura Celis
  10. JellyLovesFaith
  11. Hill m
  12. FierceDoll Makeup
  13. Sara Zonana
  14. Megan Zimmer
  15. Rebecca Kirkland
  16. AStrangeChildWhoHasNoFriends
  17. Teddy Liong
  18. Jada B
  19. Mimza
  20. Lewis Dugdale
  21. Márcio D'Astrain
  22. foss rampant
  23. Neyla Carolina Noguera
  24. gracie sketches
  25. Callie Lady J.
  26. christine paris
  27. MIKO TAN
  28. Steph S
  29. krystalcc
  30. Ke'Andrea Rogers
  31. Jess Thomas
  32. Prince G. Binondo
  33. Prince G. Binondo
  34. Curlygirl Waiting
  35. Maria Colls
  36. Maria Colls
  37. Akasha Wolf
  38. Spectrum98
  39. MELTALKS! the issues
  40. Sedd
  41. Indra Stark
  42. Pierre Cloutier
  43. Rhiannon C
  44. Michael Heliotis
  45. Alexa Cochrane
  46. EmilyDiCaprio17
  47. Amarina E.
  48. Shayna Lightfoot
  49. retnavybrat
  50. savolrat