THREE LITTLE KITTENS – Funny Animal Videos Bubbu My Virtual Pet – Android GamePlay for KIDS


BUBBU and DUDDU – My virtual pet My Virtual Puppy Pet Care Game – Android GamePlay for KIDS
THREE LITTLE KITTENS – Funny Animal Videos Bubbu My Virtual Pet – Android GamePlay for KIDS

Meet our new doggie – Duddu! This wonderful dog lives in a world full of fun and adventure. Make friends with your new virtual pet, find out how Duddu lives.

• Since you now have a dog, you have to feed it, lay it down, entertain it and take care of it. Take care of Duddu everywhere: in his lovely house, and on walks. Pesik Duddu will tag the bushes, swim under the waterfall, have a picnic in nature and sleep in a real house.

• Study the world in which Duddu lives, visit all his friends. Go with him on a sunny island to lie in a hammock under coconut palms. Equip your own pirate ship. Teach Duddu interesting tricks in the school for dogs. Dance with him in the club, practice in the gym, paint pictures and sketches in the art gallery, play the piano and drums in the House of Music. Explore a world in which even the sun rises and sets when you wish.

• Become a personal veterinarian for Duddu. Heal your pet from a cold, stomach pain or a viral infection, rid it of fleas, help it with fracture of the paw or wounds. Collect medicinal herbs and cook for your dog potions at the stake in the yard.
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