This Celebrity Scaled a Gate to Get into Kate & Oliver Hudson's Party


Siblings Kate and Oliver Hudson talked with Ellen about their parties while growing up, including one at their parents’ house that had an A-list celebrity scaling a gate to get in! Plus, they chatted about their podcast “Sibling Revelry,” whether they always planned to be in show business like their famous folks Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, and if they plan to add more cousins to the family.



  1. kye brown
  2. Rice made Jackson hot
  3. Tyson Rinker
  4. Manú na Casa Davis
  5. Vegas
  6. Melody Sanchez
  7. Kevin Fields
  8. Rabi
  9. Amelie Koury
  10. N N
  11. Chantelle J.
  12. Alex Crosse
  13. Irene T
  14. Abiola
  15. Jessica Martinez
  16. Vlamir Marques
  17. forachange
  18. A K
  19. Ace 1o7
  20. Jhonny Barman
  21. Deborah Colon
  22. karen McInnis
  23. Cassandra Dennis
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  26. Mike Gray
  27. Stephanie Chapman
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  30. Carrie Bizz
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