Str8 Up Entertainment 2017

Str8 Up Ent is a media production platform in Baton Rouge, La. Services include music videos, interviews, documentaries, short film production, graphic design, CD cover artwork, and photography. Founded by Brandon Singleton, (aka @Mr_OneNine), Str8 Up Entertainment builds on over 12 years of experience in social media marketing as well as website development & graphic design.

We have worked with over 400 individual artists on 1200+ projects that are geared towards specific goals. We understand the importance of media for artists on all levels.

By providing artists’ media services on all sides (video, design, and photography) we’re often mistaken for a record label. We’re not. It’s just been the goal from day 1 to empower artists to stand on their own by offering quality, affordable services that give the look of a mainstream movement.

For videography services CALL/TEXT: 225-366-8805 (Str8 Up Ent Business Line) or EMAIL:

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