School bus driver attacked by students in viral video fight


school bus driver has gone to the police after he said he was attacked by several students and now video of the brawl has gone viral.

What started as a fight on the bus Tuesday afternoon spilled over onto the Pro-Vision Charter School campus on Wilmington Street.

James Tucker told ABC13 Eyewitness News it all started when a student broke a window. He turned the school bus around to head back to campus, and that is when he said a female student took aim at him.

“She reached across him, put her finger to my nose, and then she reached across again and slapped me, and that’s when all the brothers and sisters, as you see on the video, jumped on all the other bus members,” Tucker said.

When ABC13 reporter Miya Shay brought specific questions to school officials Wednesday, our crew was escorted off campus.

Houston Police confirmed several people called 911, but when officers tried to respond, Pro-Vision officials told them since it happened on campus, they would deal with the situation internally.

That response was apparently not good enough for Tucker, who filed a police report Wednesday morning. Tucker has also visited a doctor, and he says he hopes the kids will be identified and face some punishment.

ABC13 Houston

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