Redmi 4A Phone Blasts – Suddenly Exposed Flames Viral Video


Redmi 4A blasts in hands viral video – suddenly exposed flames.
This lethal incident happened with me on 4th April, 2017 . when I was like usually using my Redmi 4A phone sitting at my desk in office. I never knew what could be next while just operating normal functions of the phone. I could have lost my life or my arm or maybe people around me also could have come in the wrap of the disaster that happened.
I am really frightened with that incident till date. This Redmi 4A phone could have been a reason for so many’s death or injury.
because OUT OF NOWHERE WHILE USING THE PHONE IT CAUGHT FIRE. Yes, dear team my phone caught fire with no reason I can come across to while using it.
have any comments on this? why had this happened?
Thanks to the almighty to have the fire controlled without causing that big a disaster but what if it could have burnt the whole surrounding.
I bought it from Flash Sale(28-Mar-2017) for 5998 rupees.
I want the explanation and a quick action from your team for this incident that could have taken my or other’s life.

***Check some images that can be taken after incident happen***
Full video link –
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