Once Upon A Time in… Mexico! Cute & funny dachshund dog video!


Today I will tell you a story of Dino Dias and Ramona de la Regera – one of the greatest love stories all over the World!
Dino was my grandfather from Mexico, and he wasn’t a good boy…. For many years he deals in illegal affairs, was one of the leaders of the most dangerous cartel in Mexico. Criminal life so changed Dino that he ceased to distinguish between good and evil. He saw only hatred and pain around him, he simply went with the flow and multiplied violence!
But everything changed that day when he met her… A young naive girl from a godforsaken town, who melt his icy heart! Her name was Ramona de la Regera, but he called her “Love of all my life”!
Dino repented and began a new, honest life with his loving wife, but… he always kept his gun at hand, because he knew that sooner or later the past life would overtake him…
And what do you think, was Dino worthy of a second chance?
I hope you enhoy my new cute & funny dachshund dog video!
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