"My Kids React: To My First TV Stand Up Appearance" (Part 1) – Jim Gaffigan (Caroline's Comedy Hour)


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You can watch the FULL video of my First TV appearance here: https://youtu.be/mLhtBb3o4Xk

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“Shopping For Women’s Lingerie & Body Wash” – https://youtu.be/iobazN6GFuk
“Bars Are Adult Playgrounds” – https://youtu.be/3Clw7PrAE6Q

Thank you to my wife & kids! You know who you are.

Filmed at: Youtube Space NYC

Special Thanks to: Jon Parkinson, Alyx Meahan, Dylan LoBue, Francesca R., Kent Heckel, Jon Rogers, Craig Bundy, Omar Villegas, Brandon Blankenship, Tom Pastotnik, & Lance Patrick for your time, talents, and pulling this all together!


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