My Celebrity Prom Date


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Being a senior in high school has enough pressures in it, and enough disappointments and detours – with deciding on college, getting good grades, driving, and dealing with dating and popularity contests. And then, in Spring, the Senior Prom approaches and the pressure goes way up.

Everyone wants a date to the prom – boys and girls – and the couples have it easy, they know who they are going to the prom with. But for those singles, it’s a whole different thing. No one wants to be the one with no prom date.

Kelly, or course wanted to go and be a part of the hype and excitement of her Senior Prom, but, nobody had asked her yet. She thought about being the one who asked a boy out, but she was terrified that he would say no and embarrass her. So she waited, and waited, and nobody asked.

She though “this is my prom, my high school prom, my senior year prom”. It was indeed her senior year after all, and she wondered how to get prom date. She had a lot of prom ideas, and pro promposal ideas. She even thought about a prom proposal inviting Norman Reedus, the actor who plays Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead – her one true crush – and she started to make a video promposal asking him, but gave up – it felt impossible.

There were a couple of times where she was sure a boy was about to ask, but then, at that very last moment, he’s ask for a pencil, or help on an answer, or just something totally other than asking her to go to the Prom. And even though she was disappointed, she kept her spirits up and decided she would go with her best friend and give up on the whole date thing.

So, when she was out shopping for a prom dress and makeup when she saw this quirky little cardboard cutout and had an idea. What if she could bring a date ti the prom, and not just any date to the prom, what if she could go to the prom with Daryl Dixon, cross-bow and all, just only not the living actual actor, but the cardboard cutout? The King of zombie killers, could be her Prom King. Who knew that her trip to the store shopping for prom dresses would be one of the best prom ideas ever. It would be lit.

So, she ordered the cardboard cut out of Daryl Dixon, put a bow tie on him and headed out! Even with second thoughts all along the way, still, she pumped herself up to walk in proud with cardboard Daryl on her arm. And, they were a hit – the best couple at the prom, prom King and prom Queen, well if they had them – she danced with her date, even slow danced with her prom date, which was now easy task.

Kelly took a chance on something creative and fun for her senior prom and it made her prom night one to remember, for everyone. And to a TWD fan, the best prom date ever! How many people can say “my celebrity prom date?” or “My prom story was the best?”

Everyone’s got a date, dance, party or prom story ….we want to hear yours! stories like this are once in a lifetime.

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