Most Viewed Boy Group Music Videos of the Past 6 Months


I only recorded songs by Kpop Boy Groups.

Please vote for your favourite Boy Group music video of the month, the winner will be announced in next months video (I will be doing this every month from now on) *songs from the goodbye chart are not included, as well as songs that will be in the goodbye chart next month*
Please only vote once, I am able to tell when you vote twice and the second vote will not be counted

-GOT7’s “One and Only You” only gad 3,355,213 views when I made this video.

How The Chart Works:
All music videos from Kpop Boy Groups, that were released in the past 6 months are put into this chart, which ranks them from the least viewed to the most viewed. (Only the top 50 are counted because I don’t want a 50 hour long chart)

*Unfortunately I had to ban all of VAV’s music videos from my charts. I am 99% sure that their company is buying their views. If you look at the number of comments and likes in comparison to videos with the same amount of views then theirs seem suspicious. Also if you look at the company’s social blade then it looks so suspicious, because one day the company’s music videos will get 10,000 views and the next day they will be getting 1,000,000 views*
This includes:
She’s Mine

-The arrows next to the release date are to show how far the song has moved from last month
(EX: If DNA by BTS was at number two last month and it moved up to number one then it would have an upwards arrow with 1 beside it)
-If a video has “Re-Entry” next to the release date, then it means the video was on the goodbye chart last month.

In cases where groups release Japanese/English/Chinese versions of their already Korean songs, I do not include those videos. Because the Korean version was already on this chart, in any case, the Korean version comes first. The song has to either be the first music video made for the song (no Korean music video for that song) or it has to be an original song (Like GOT7 “My Swagger”)

-Japanese releases numbers are purple-

Girl Group version of this chart uploaded on the 24th monthly.
Soloist version of this chart uploaded on the 14th monthly.

If a video was posted on 2 different accounts I have combined the views. Example: Zico – I Am You You Are Me is posted on CJENMUSIC Official and has 23,288,570 and is also posted on Seven Seasons Official youtube account with 901,641 views. I add the viewcounts together to make sure I give you the true viewcount.

All viewcounts were taken down March 4.

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Kpop Maknae

  1. JJ Unicorn
  2. Sofia uwu
  3. pinky pinky dream
  4. holly s
  5. taetae's wife
  6. Rani R My
  7. proud carat right here
  8. ninanayatae
  9. Lii Zaa
  10. Lii Zaa
  11. Lii Zaa
  12. Kpop is lifeu
  13. solseok
  14. Jessica Bangtan
  15. thoriq ali
  16. Najihah Nazir
  17. Lylla Oliveira
  18. David Kjerfve
  19. CarrotHeart
  20. Marrin Philip
  21. emma
  22. haley the waffle
  23. J K