Most Popular Programming Languages 1965 – 2019


Timeline of the most popular programming languages since 1965 to 2019. So far the most intense ranking I’ve ever done 🙂 For recent years I’ve used multiple programming languages popularity indexes with adjustments thanks to the data from GitHub repositories access frequency. For historical ranking I’ve used aggregation of multiple national surveys to establish several data points, plus a world wide publications rate of occurrence. In this ranking popularity is defined by percentage of programmers with either proficiency in specific language or currently learning/mastering one. Y axis a relative value to define ranking popularity between all other items.
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Data source: aggregated statistics from several indexes, GitHub repository access, multiple surveys

Data Is Beautiful

  1. Data Is Beautiful
  2. Alberto de Victoria
  3. Shambhav Gautam
  4. Buddelbubi
  5. Tanvir Ahmed
  6. Tanvir Ahmed
  7. tweel man
  8. Tomthesk8r
  9. Tomthesk8r
  10. IC
  11. P R
  12. Ivan H
  13. Yiğit Ayaz
  14. Jakub Gurowski
  15. Przemysław Pałczyński
  16. Владислав Афанасьев
  17. Teh Yong Lip
  18. Kappug
  19. muadhnate
  20. Aggy