Meelo Evaru Koteeswarudu


Naveen Chandra is a young youth who falls in love with a rich girl played by Shruti Sodhi. As expected, Shruthi’s father(Murali Sharma) does not approve of her love affair and insults Naveen Chandra. This is also the time when Naveen starts an argument saying that one needs only genuine happiness in life and as a rich businessman, he will never understand that. Upset by this, Murali Sharma decides to experience how can one get true happiness. With an idea from one of the top producers(Posani), he decides to make a flop film so that he can loose all his money at once and get back on top once again after working hard. For this, he chooses Variations star(Prithvi) as a hero. Rest of the story is as to what kind of problems the film gets into after the entrance of a funny character like Prithvi.

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