Makeup and Creepy Encounters Part 1 | Get Ready with me and let's get creeped out together STORYTIME


Hello Babycakes! Welcome back lovelies.. TBH SO excited to have you here today!!!!!
Thanks for joining me for this more laid back type of video where I do creepy myself out and do this Makeup look! Have you had an encounter like any of this before? Let me know in the comments below what you think about this series and if you have any suggestions for future videos! While editing I realized I kept looking away a lot in this video and I have now fixed that issue, which you will be able to see from the next video! muah!

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To see me do my makeup and products I use, see this previous video of mine for a more in depth explanation

In this video I used the Wet n Wild “Art in the Streets” Palette and Bug a Boo liquid lipstick from Colorpop! The rest is the same from my previous GRWM video I linked above.

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Stories that I have read in this video are from Reddit r/creepyencounters

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