Magical Monday Cats | Funny Cat Video Compilation 2017

From cats driving in a car, cats getting their teeth brushed, to cats not wanting to wake up, these are just a few of the Monday cats you’ll find in this magical Monday cats video compilation.

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Owner Lulls Kitten to Sleep by Brushing Her with Toothbrush

Cat Gets Whacked by Golden Retriever’s Tail

Cat Puts Paws On Her Face While Sleeping

Cat Falls Off Cat Tower

Cat Gets Luxury Massage

Cat Chases Own Tail

Cat Freaks Out when Flower Gets Put on Head

Cat Gets Teeth Brushed

Sleepy Kitten Stretches and Strikes Pose

Cat Takes Nap With Hamster

Cat Travels in Car Sitting in Pocket

Fat Cat Struggles to Flip Over

Cat Climbs into Drawer

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