Magical Jewish Dentist Takes Internet By Storm With Viral Video


An Orthodox Jewish dentist from Passaic, New Jersey has found himself in the media spotlight after a video he posted of himself doing a magic trick for a two year old patient went viral over the weekend.

The minute and a half long video, which has 14 million views and 164,000 shares on Facebook and has also made the rounds on Twitter, shows Dr. Eyal Simchi of Riverfront Pediatric Dentistry in Elmwood Park charming a two year old patient with small glow balls that seem to appear and disappear into thin air.

The 39 year old father of six said that the video was originally posted to a Facebook group which has 26,000 dentists last week, and then posted to Riverfront’s Facebook page just before Shavuos.

“Motzei Shavuos I turned on my phone and there were notifications from all over,” Dr. Simchi told VIN News. “I don’t really know how it happened.”

Dr. Simchi said he has been contacted by virtually every news organization over the last few days, including one from Taiwan, as well as companies that sell viral videos.

“Right now I am speaking to a lawyer,” said Dr. Simchi. “I wasn’t really planning on any of this.”


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