Jaguar Orphan Fights Mystery Illness | Jaguars Born Free | BBC Earth


Halfway through their training, a Jaguar orphan falls seriously ill, and his trainer worries if it could transfer to his siblings.

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Jaguars Born Free
Brazilian jaguar expert Leandro Silviera has run the Jaguar Conservation Fund from his remote ranch for the past 25 years. When he was given three orphaned jaguar cubs after their mother was shot down by cowboys, he nursed them back to health and filmed their remarkable recovery on camera. After teaching them how to live in the wild, he is releasing them back into the jungle. How will they cope on their own after forming a strong bond with their human foster family, and will Leandro be able to stop the cowboys from creating more jaguar orphans? Natural World tracks the trio’s upbringing over a tremulous 18 months.

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