Irate Long Island Bagel Boss customer speaks to News 12 about viral tirade


The video of an irate customer unleashing his anger at Bagel Boss in Bay Shore Wednesday morning has been viewed all over the world.

The tirade focused on his short stature and lack of success in online dating.

That man, Chris Morgan, 45, spoke exclusively to News 12 about the incident. Standing at 5 feet tall, he claims he lost his temper after a woman behind the counter mocked him because of his size.

“She’s doing this with her mouth, looking at people, smirking, and I started to feel like I was being maligned, made felt like I was less of a person,” he said. “I’m tired of women using me, abusing me, lying to my face, tell me you like me on dates and then you take my money, cut me off, say I’m too short when you’re my height,” the man told News 12.

Krystal Fedorka, a Bagel Boss employee who watched the entire encounter, says Morgan was never provoked and snapped almost instantly.

“He thought that they were talking about him and his height, and they weren’t,” says Fedorka. “The girl was just smiling, minding her business.”

Moments later, he was seen threatening another customer before he was tackled by someone else in line.

Bagel Boss took the incident in stride. They were giving away free mini-bagels to any customer who came in and mentioned the video.

This is not the first time Morgan has displayed a short temper over his height. Back in May, he posted two videos of himself berating workers at a nearby 7-Eleven after he says one of them asked how tall he was.

Morgan says he’s battled depression through the years and spent two weeks in the psychiatric ward at Stony Brook University Hospital. He says he’s not seeking any professional help right now even after his outburst went viral.

When asked if he has ever received therapy for anger, he said that he went for six years.

“It helped sometimes,” he told News 12.

When asked if he would consider going again, Morgan responded: “No. I don’t want to. I’m done with it. I’m tired of it.”

News 12

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