I Got It from My Momma! | Funny and Kyoot Kids Videos


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Happy Mother’s Day everyone! We are here to celebrate all the moms out there who make our lives so special. Because This is Why Moms are Awesome! In today’s compilation, we’re going to be showing you some funny videos and cute videos all about mom! She deserves it! Everyone deserves to laugh, especially mom, so we hope that you guys enjoy this video! There are some seriously funny fails from kids and moms in today’s video. Trust me, the mom videos are hilarious. You won’t want to miss this because you will definitely laugh because this is the best video ever!

Like this video if this compilation made you smile! Share this video with your mom! And comment down below and tell us which of these hilarious moms made you laugh. My fave clip is at 02:41 because this mom and son duo are STRUGGLING lol! It’s pretty hilarious. And happy #mothersday

This Is Why Moms are Awesome! | Happy Mother’s Day

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