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In 100 trillion years the era of stars will be over.

We live in an unusual age – the age when the stars still shine. We should count ourselves lucky – nearly all of future history will be dark. But events will still unfold in that long, cooling darkness, and civilizations may endure. So how will the universe and its far-future denizens spend eternity?

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Hosted by Matt O’Dowd
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In 100 trillion years the last star in the universe will expand the final atoms of its hydrogen fuel and settle quietly into a dim white dwarf, before slowly fading to black over as it radiates away its remnant heat. The era of stars will be over. That 100 trillion years is 10,000 times the current age of the universe, and so the days of starlight and warmth have a way to go. But even when they are done, the universe will be young in comparison to the long, dark ages to follow. In fact our universe will spend almost all of its infinite time in darkness, slowly crawling towards maximum entropy and ultimate heat death.

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