HARDFESTIVAL Top 10 Most Viewed Funniest Videos of 2018


The end of the year is approaching. It was a year full of fun festivals and indoor parties. We have received many videos from you and we have made a compilation. We proudly present you the most watched funny videos that are posted on our Hardfestival Instagram account.

Thank you for sending your videos all year long. We hope you will go into the new year with a bang!

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  1. Jonathan Skimboard
  2. HippunTEk Freedom
  3. Joris Buis
  4. Daniel Nascimento
  5. Jens_ 079
  6. susanne hruška
  7. EmYlai Chico
  8. killa kalli
  9. real og 420
  10. detraanman4
  11. Damien Klein
  12. Katerina Tln
  13. Sebastián Marcelo
  14. I'm a giraffe
  15. Julian 133
  16. blackouts 08
  17. Rancore
  18. Sirohi
  19. El pasico art
  20. Stevie Haze