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Bulldog Makes His Favorite Little Girl So Happy
You can keep up with Rupert and all his adorable adventures with his baby sister on Instagram, @rupert.the.bulldog:

Kitten Gets A Seat At The Table Just Like Everyone Else
Special thanks to Saman Khebkhah for this adorable video! For more, visit:

This Bat Looks Just Like A Puppy

Lazy Pug Is Spoiled Rotten
Keep up with this adorable pup Noodle on his Instagram:

Cat Is Just One Huge Fluffy Poof
For more of this fluffy kitty Brimley, check him out on Instagram:

Corgi Always Refuses To Go On Walks
You can follow this very dramatic and hilarious little corgi on Instagram, @geppettothecorgi:

Dog Talks To Dad On The Phone

This Guy’s In Love With His Rescued Baby Mini Horse
You can see more of Jenny and her adorable cuddles on Instagram, alberttheturkey, You can also check out their website to learn more about their rescue work:

Guy Plays With Rescued Baby Chimp
To sponsor the ongoing care of Kanda the orphaned chimp, you can support the Pan African Sanctuary Alliance ( and the Chimpanzee Conservation Center:

Day-Old Calf Thanks Her Rescuer
To sponsor the ongoing care of Angel the calf, you can support her rescuers at the Skylands Animal Sanctuary:

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