Funniest Wildlife Photography Fails


Most Hilarious Moment From The Wildlife

The 2017 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards (see 2016 and 2015) are still accepting entries but while the judges are warming up we can already take a peek at some of the funniest submissions of the contest.

Despite the humorous approach, these awards aren’t just about the amusement. Photographers Paul Joynson-Hicks and Tom Sullam founded them to spotlight wildlife conservation efforts as well.

“The last two years have seen some fantastic entries,” they said. “We want to see even more animals represented than before. Go out and photograph, wherever you are… a squirrel could win the competition. We want to raise awareness of conservation of all animals all over the world, so wherever you are, take pictures of those wilder things!”

The deadline for entries is on the 30th of September, so many fantastic shots are yet to be submitted, but we thought we’d share a funny collection of our favorite snaps so far.
like other things. From a cemetery that looks like a cityscape to a cloud that looks like a breaking wave – all of these optical illusions will make you look twice!

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