Funniest Babies of August 2018 | Try Not To Laugh Challenge


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We all love babies. So today we’re giving you an ultimate laugh challenge. We’ve found some of our favorite baby videos from August 2018, and we want to challenge you not to smile or laugh. These are some seriously funny kids and funny babies that we think will get you to smile or laugh and lose the challenge. In fact, these are the funniest babies of august 2018. Got what it takes? Then watch this whole compilation without laughing. If you don’t you might be a zombie.

LIKE this video if you lost the challenge and totally cracked a smile. COMMENT down below and tell us which video broke you. Ours is the one at 1:58. That baby has the heartiest laugh that you cant help but smile.

Funniest Babies of August 2018 | Try Not To Laugh Challenge

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  8. Mihayne Boer
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  20. Luis Guerrero