Exercise Ball Fails | Funny Fails Compilation


Exercise balls are supposed to be tools for working out, but do any of us know anyone who actually uses them for that purpose? No, they’re silly toys that we use to bounce for fun and cause trouble. Point is, THEY’RE FUN! And what better way to point that out than with another AFV compilation, EXERCISE BALL FAILS! Be sure to SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS and remember those good times when you and said friends wasted your gym memberships.

Which clip bounces of the screen for you the most? Is it at 7:23 when the girl’s friends go FLYING IN SLO-MO? Or is it at 8:25 when the girl SPINS IN 360 DEGREE MOTION? Ours might be at 9:06 when the one girl knocks her friend into her closet BRINGING EVERYTHING DOWN WITH HER! Tell us in the comments which is your favorite and don’t forget to LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE!

Exercise Ball Fails | Funny Fails Compilation


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