David Dobrik Answers the Web's Most Searched Questions | WIRED


David Dobrik takes the WIRED Autocomplete Interview and answers the internet’s most searched questions about himself. Is David Dobrik from Slovakia? Does David own a Tesla? Who is David’s best friend? David answers all these questions and more!

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David Dobrik Answers the Web’s Most Searched Questions | WIRED


  1. Andrew Logan
  2. Saboween
  3. axmee. xoxo
  4. Gacha Raya
  5. Lesbian Spider Time
  6. I don’t Know
  7. my videos
  8. 番叔zhendo
  9. Stelio Kontos
  10. Josh
  11. Anita Sweeter
  12. Gé -
  13. Tiffany Witman
  14. Амалья Айжарикова
  15. KayKayplays245
  16. Jj Patini
  17. Catherine Hudson
  18. Zero Mero
  19. Sindi Vogli
  20. Allorra Hildebrand
  21. steph
  22. The Legend
  23. Nuggly
  24. helin 62
  25. missy lee
  27. Luis Rodriguez
  28. Gamerdude123
  29. Lance :D
  30. Ghosty Yeet
  31. Ifigeneia Apostolaki
  32. fogs
  33. Roboraptor
  34. Addison Pensick
  35. Addison Pensick
  36. Lilly Thedevil
  37. Roman Urbano
  38. Rebca Demessie
  39. Sunyeu
  40. John Obbard
  41. Thibault Star
  42. •Hazlo_OwO•
  43. •Hazlo_OwO•
  44. Alex Needs
  45. Miguel Toro
  46. Maxine E
  47. Daniel Alsahwi
  48. Charlie Squad
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