Cute Videos of Liam and Henric Part 2 Bloopers


Cute Funny Videos of Liam and Henric Part 2 Bloopers

Compilation of cute, funny videos of Liam and Henric.


Two brothers, 3 years old apart. Liam and Henric are energetic, fun, curious and happy kids! The World around them is continuously being discovered as they keep growing. The two brothers express different personality and character. Liam has a lot of energy, likes to run around and interact with other kids. At first, Liam
is shy, but once he gets comfortable, the engine starts running – he can be loud too :). Henric is relaxed and imaginative when playing with his toys and making cute noises. Follow them on their adventures as we upload new videos on their fun journey. Have a fun and colorful day! Please subscribe to Liam and Henric YouTube channel! 🙂

Liam and Henric