Cute Toddler Had A Priceless Reaction When She Saw Snow For The First Time


A baby’s first is always fun thing to experience with them. Every kid will respond differently to their first ever experiences; some will be uncomfortable to the point of screaming, others will love it abundantly!<br><br>Parents hold their babies’ firsts close to heart and a whole industry has surfaced to help them in collecting those moments. In the digital era, it is just enough to have a good quality camera on your smartphone, because it is always on hand to record those segments in time that will never happen again.<br><br>Mom took baby Iris to experience her first snowfall and had her phone camera on ready to capture her adorable baby daughter’s reaction.<br><br>Unlike some tots, who <a href="" target="_blank">scream and run away crying from snow</a>, Iris welcomes the white fluffs of frozen water like they were the cutest kittens she has ever laid eyes on. When mom calls her name, she turns around to release a squeak of joy for the camera with the sweetest baby smile on her face. She laughs and holds her hands out to capture one of those flakes.<br><br>Mom gives the green light that she can actually <a href="" target="_blank">eat the snow</a>, to which she puts her finger in her mouth, probably with a snowflake on it, then goes on running with her mouth open to catch as many of those tasteless, delicious flakes as she can!<br><br>Boy, oh boy!

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