Cute Funny Australian Shepherd Dogs Videos


Cute Funny Australian Shepherd Dogs Videos
Australian Shepherd Dog
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The Australian Shepherd, often known simply as the “Aussie”, is a medium-sized breed of dog that was, despite its name, developed on ranches in the Western United States during the 19th century.[3][4][5] The dog was developed from a breed or breeds from the Basque country in Western Europe. It was brought by Basque people to the United States. These people had previously lived only briefly in Australia before moving to America. The breed otherwise has no connection to Australia.

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The diversity of farm animals, the rare breeds of lifestock, is amazing. There are thousands of different breeds of cattle, goats, horses, sheep, chickens, geese, turkeys, ducks und pigeons existing

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Chickens make the fluffiest pets !
They are sweet, cuddly, and so curious! Check out these hens, roosters, and little baby chicks doing cute and funny stuff, like walking on leash, playing with the dog, cuddling with their owners and taking a bath!
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