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This is a crab song for kids. Did you know that crabs walk sideways? How many different types of crabs walking sideways can you spot in this video? There’s soldier crabs, hermit crabs, ghost crabs, mud crabs, red rock crabs, fiddler crabs, sand crabs, king crabs, japanese spider crabs, boxer crabs…so many crabs…

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Video footage is a remix that includes the following sources:

Title: Hermit Crab walking – writing prompt
Author: MissWalden

Title: Fiddler Crab Walking & Eating
Author: markfickett

Title: 98 Huge Hermit crab walking and feeding at Lembeh Strait – ADVENTURES UNDERWATER
Author: Adventures Underwater by Henning Laatsch

Title: Ghost crabs and hermit crabs at night, on a beach in Zanzibar (Tanzania)
Author: Gonzalo Mucientes

Title: Queen crabs move sideways
Author: Creative Commons Media

The above files are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution CCBY license.
In this video, the original material has been muted, trimmed and remixed with other footage.

Disclaimer: The footage in this remix, while used with permission, has not been endorsed by the original authors of the video footage.

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