Cheap Laughs and Weird Cats

No I don’t know what this video is. All I know is that I wanted to post something really stupid and lighthearted. These last few days haven’t been great for fueling my creative spark, but I still had a lot of internal sillies that needed expressing. Penny got a fur cut today!! I work at a groomer and was practicing on her and my boss helped and that’s the true reason she doesn’t look hideous. Her birthday is on Sunday and it’s going to be very exciting. The kitties names are Simba and Snickers, and Simba was very against participation. I wonder if it’ll be super hot tomorrow, I really wanted to go swimming in the ocean today but I was determined to get this done instead and now I am still icky from work as I haven’t showered because I’d planned to go to the beach and now it’s 8:24 and dark. At least this got done, and really, that’s all that truly matters, I guess? I really want some chocolate by the way, in case you were wondering. But I don’t think we have any and while I could very easily go to the store and get some, I’m still heavily considering going to the beach at this hour. I probably won’t though, because the chocolate lure is still very strong. I am tired and my body hurts. I hot bath and a nice massage sounds so great right now, but so does that chocolate. I can’t even fully relax because I HAVE to go out soon and go check on my boss’s dogs at the grooming shop. It’s so fine though.

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