Cats Peeking out of Their Bedrooms on a Rainy Day


On a rainy day, each bedroom in this cat house gets filled with a cat. And our cats love peeking out of their bedrooms for any possible surprise treats during the day. It’s a pretty funny view when those 5 cute little faces appear on those 5 openings at the same time 🙂 And as a bonus, you’ll get to see our slightly fat and extremely cute cat “The Big Head” squeezing through that small door for some yummy treats 🙂

If you want to see how we built this two storey cat house, you can watch this video:
“We surprised our cats with a 7 bedroom cat house”

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This channel is about the daily lives and adventures of my two indoor cats Santi & Indy and our 9 outdoor cats and my dog Walter.
Santi (8) and Indy (1) live with me in my house and Walter (7) lives in my garden.
And we have 9 outdoor cats living in my dad’s garden. Their names are; D’Artagnan, The Rolling Cat, The Purring Cat, D’Artagnan’s girlfriend, Porthos, Zoom, Junior, The Mom Cat and The Big Head.
Apart from their videos, from time to time I also upload videos of other animals I come across.
So basically, what you’ll find here are lots of funny and cute cat videos, an ongoing miniseries about a cat love drama, sometimes rescue stories and always a whole lot of meowing! Enjoy!

Music: Way Out West – Chris Haugen

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