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A washing machine lays down the sickest beats, a couple of boxer dogs nail the Mannequin Challenge, and a kid projectile vomits at the sight of majestic wild lions in this week’s compilation of the best viral videos! Don’t forget: Top 100 Part 1 comes out on Monday!

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Wait For It..:
Sick Beat:
Mannequin Dogs:
Fake Snake:
Look Out Below:
Bottle Flip:
TV vs. Bat:
Fox Rescue:
Workout Buds:
Skate Sailing:
Electrical Fire:
Kid vs. Truck:
Poor Placement:
Croc Confronts:
Grandma Fail:
Swivel Fall:
Fish in Canal:
Exploding Phone:
Incredible Bass:
Unique Workout: N/A
Baby Can’t Handle Lions:
Strong Landing:

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  1. Виталий Пашков
  2. Martin van der baa 200
  3. VE LES
  4. Gilbert McGillicutty
  5. We Love Russia
  6. Sergey Fedorov
  7. Mikhail Kalashnikov
  8. Rachaun Wrenn
  9. Ryan Nugent
  10. Chem Truth
  11. Patryk Zwolak
  12. Patryk Zwolak
  13. Jack Flynn
  14. uttrAlcaRoo
  15. phantom 愛 phantom 愛
  16. Gary Hird
  17. dr.clicky click
  18. turtlemannot10
  19. A. Day
  20. Saraiva
  21. avg joe gaming