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By: Husam Sam Asi
Gary Oldman on how to elevate acting to magic

By: Charlie Rose
Philip Seymour on Acting | Charlie Rose

By: Fred Connor22
Are U a Star? Emmy winner Bryan Cranston talks about acting….

By: Colin The Firth
Colin Firth on the Art of the Actor/How to Become the Character

By: American Film Institute
Meryl Streep On Accessing The Characters Within

By: Joel Champ
Wise Words From Tom Hanks About Acting

An acting masterclass from Sir Michael Caine (BBC Radio 4)

By: AccelerateMe
Will Smith shares his secrets of success

By: HollywoodToday
Viola Davis explains the Power of Vulnerability as an Actor | WIDOWS

By: The Waffle
Mel Gibson INTERVIEW 1999

By: Film at Lincoln Center
Ben Stiller Q&A | Advice for Young Actors

By: BBC Children in Need
Simon Callow and Patrick Stewart’s Acting Masterclass

By: Film at Lincoln Center
Matthew McConaughey On His Process

By: Entertainment Weekly
Sam Rockwell On Being Gullible & Innocent In His Acting | Oscars 2018 | Entertainment Weekly

By: theatertalk
CHRISTOPHER PLUMMER on Acting, Arrogance and Pathos

By: Theatre Museum Canada
Christopher Plummer on stillness vs. bravura (Part 9 of 44)

By: Charlie Rose
Robert Downey, Jr. on His Third Act (Oct. 9, 2014) | Charlie Rose

By: LIVEKellyandRyan
Bradley Cooper American Sniper

By: W magazine
Rami Malek on Mr. Robot, Philip Seymour Hoffman, and Dressing As Prince | Screen Tests | W Magazine

By: TheCelebFactory
George Clooney on directing and acting

By: ActorGear
Robert De Niro Acting Advice

By: Sean Rose
Dustin Hoffman – Observing



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