2020 Peterbilt Labrie Automizer Garbage Truck | City of Columbus, Ohio


Here is finally a video of one of Columbus’s newest additions to their fleet. I’m not sure exactly how many they ordered but I’d guess it’s between 10 and 15. With these and the ones they got in 2017, Automizers are everywhere now. I probably see them as often as I do 7000s, if not more often. Curbtenders are almost impossable to find at this point. The weird thing is, I haven’t been seeing DuraPack Rapid Rails as much and I don’t know why. They got several of them in 2018 and I saw them regularly, but after getting these new Automizers, they’ve been absent. The driver in this video actually had one, but now he has this so that’s even weirder. Anyways, There are three variations in the units purchased. Peterbilts with the fuel tank on the roof (like this one), Autocars with the same thing, and Autocars with the tank in the tailgate. Also notice the different graphics on the side that don’t have the mayors name. That’s what they’re using now. Don’t know what else to say so I’ll leave it at that. Enjoy the video!

Central Ohio Refuse

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