120 EPIC SPORTS FAILS!! | AFV Funniest Videos 2018


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Are you ready? AFV proudly presents some of the funniest sports fails from this year! What I’d like you to do is count how many times you flinched while watching this hilarious compilation! There are a few takeaways here – one, don’t play ball in the house! Two, hilarious sports mishaps happen whether you’re inside the or outside of the house, so keep those cameras rolling! Three, golf fails are *super* hilarious!

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America’s Funniest Home Videos

  1. mewtwomew123 1
  2. Sarah Barton
  3. Heidi Raburn
  4. michelle moczynski
  5. Sardhi
  6. COOL NOOB and Freddy Fazbear
  7. Julia Richards
  8. Holder Skill
  9. Dichotomous
  10. Jeremaih Ignacio
  11. Damian Planescrosser
  12. Maliyah The Slimer Live Ganter
  13. ShockingPikachu
  14. LINA
  15. chat noirs spirit Halloween just dance
  16. LYDIA Orlic
  17. Maddys edits and more!
  18. Playtime with Emery
  19. djilo mar
  20. Cierra Swaye Lyle the supernatural fan girl
  21. Jacob The MusicMaker2.0 JTMM
  22. Andrew Brooking
  23. KB Flash
  24. Nolan Campbell
  25. Javon King
  26. Jacob The MusicMaker2.0 JTMM
  27. S 312
  28. Perfect In Pink
  29. Dare Devil
  30. DJ Zombie
  31. susie pleasant
  32. Jacob The MusicMaker2.0 JTMM
  33. Allison Hollenbeck
  34. Nino Mel
  35. DJ Zombie
  36. 7mailyn Hi
  37. Asiyah Williams
  38. Blue dragon 6
  39. Lamisa BSP /MSP
  40. 7mailyn Hi