10 BIGGEST Celebrity Bodyguards You Don't Want To Fight


The strongest and toughest celebrity bodyguards in the world!
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Life can be tough when you’re a celebrity. Amongst all the people who love and adore you are a small number of people who are determined to get closer to you than necessary. And when you’re running around the world to perform and go to public engagements, it can be difficult to track who’s following you around. It’s even more difficult to know which fans might not have the best intentions. It’s crucial that these celebrities have someone who is with them at all times to keep an eye out for their safety. While many bodyguards know the limit when it comes to protecting their employers, not all of them do. Some bodyguards have a specific look that makes them super intimidating all the same. Between getting rough with overzealous fans and warning strangers who get too close, the bodyguards on this list are the ones that you should stay far away from.

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